So what officially is your role with DAKINE?

I am Lead Men’s Outerwear Designer, but I don’t have a business card yet.


As part of a program still in its infancy, what opportunities do you see for DAKINE as they begin to define themselves with outerwear?

DAKINE has been making outerwear for three seasons now. Up to this point it has kind of had a late-90s ski influence. I am going to be designing for the fourth season, the ’15/’16 line. What I am going to bring to it is more snowboarding influence. I wouldn’t say cutting-edge but within the trend of where I think snowboarding is going. No bullshit features. No gimmicks. Straight-forward snowboarding wear that is going to work amazing in the backcountry but also look really good. If you are going to buy a four hundred dollar jacket, you should be able to wear it on-hill and off-hill and have it still look sick. DAKINE already makes quality clothing that I am really impressed with and their other products are amazing as well.




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